The recent pandemic has taught us a lot about our lives. After going through a global virus outbreak this year, we found out that there are many “important” matters in life that is not so “important” after all in the face of death. Some used to think that travelling abroad or going to the malls every weekend is a necessity but it seems now that doing both, is a privilege. There is only one thing we all survived with, which is food. As the saying goes, sustenance is of utmost importance to the people. We illustrated such importance through the only bold mandarin wording which means food. Around 10,000 years ago, we humans started feeding ourselves only through rice where we literally survived solely on them. Similar to our roots, we just need to be original as in to stay alive.


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The two fishes swimming within our logo is to show that no matter which direction they swim, if there's fate that lies within, they will eventually meet each other at the end and it was showcased as such at the back of this shirt. At the back, the Japan flag inspired logo of ours act as a witness of this love and being the symbolic nature of the fish "koi". Koi means love in the land of the sun. Once the lovers meet each other, luck and fortune are all they need. This latest exclusive release of a new colourway in our koi series came after the recent world pandemic. Despite of this tough journey in our lives, we still believed that the love between 2 beings is strong enough to withstand any tough circumstances in life. As seen in the papers every day, domestic violence happened on a daily basis while the divorce rate has risen in each nation. This meant that lovebirds that are still together, is a blessing in disguise.


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