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Been wondering why there’s an illustration of a butterfly? We were inspired by this short story, let us share it with you!
One beautiful morning, a little boy was going through an area in the forest when he saw a caterpillar trying to come out of a cocoon. He picked the pupa and took it home, wanting to see how the pupa hatched into a butterfly. A few days later, a small crack appeared in the pupa, and the butterfly inside struggled for several hours. It was struggling to get out of the cocoon and the little boy can’t bear watching it struggle. Naively, he decided that he wanted to help it to come out faster. He then took a safety-pin out of his pants while he made a little incision and the butterfly fell out of the cocoon, hit the ground and fluttered his wings. The butterfly died because it was the struggle itself that gave it life.
Isn’t that the same for humans? All of our frustrations, struggles and setbacks are part and parcel of our growth. You just simply cannot grow if you don’t want to struggle! It is only after all the struggles that we have been through, only then we can realise the essence of our maturity, stability, self-esteem and confidence. If you do what is easy, your life will be hard but if you do what is hard, your life will be easier.
Back to why it’s been sold as a couple set; in two colourways. In many long-lasting love relationships, both of them have been through a lot together. A relationship that haven’t undergone any ups and downs together is fragile in nature. The two beautiful butterflies are only beautiful because they struggled through thick and thin together, just like our relationship.
We’ve chosen black and white as the colourway of this series because it symbolizes “yin” and “yang”, a perfect match. The butterfly illustrated is as colourful as our amazing and eventful lives, going through everything together.
Fret not, you still can purchase the metamorphosis tee even if you still do not have your other half yet. A single piece of this series is still meaningful after all. Remember, it is the struggle itself that gave you life where your dream is big enough and the odds shall not matter.

– Slightly Oversized fit
– Premium Interlock Cotton
– Embroidery on front
– Silkscreen Printing on back

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