MAKE YOUR VERY OWN UNIQUE CAMERA EATS FIRST TEE! 1ST AND ONLY PIECE IN THE WORLD! What more nowadays? Insta-stories? Snapchat? Full of foods more than actual humans. People visit restaurants and cafes not for the food, but just to satisfy their craving of checking in online or feeding the camera right before feeding themselves. The camera always get to eat first before your mouth and it has become a global phenomenon. This piece not only illustrates this phenomenon but also hope that we feed our mouth first, not the social media. These delicious creations are meant for your mouth, and certainly not for your ego. *ATTENTION*: This tee is a fully customizable t-shirt, you can either colour the logo or the branding inside the outline itself or you can just wear it like a normal piece without any customizations. Each tee comes with a pack of not-so-great but usable fabric markers. We believed that everyone could have their own dreams and imaginations, they just have to find it within themselves. We want you to send us your own camera tee crafted with your own hands!


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