Our Story


This is a clothing label filled with emotions wanting to convey the ideology of hypocrites in the modern world. The word hippocrate is the retarded way of spelling hypocrite. In today's world, people live in a stereotypical society where the fear of judgement always exist around us. Many of us tend to speak bad about something and yet act in the same way. Our label wants to uphold the community that are still original, being who they are.


This lifestyle brand lives with the philosophy of not being a fake as evidently seen in our slogan, reminding mankind not to be hypocrites through the resemblance of our very own mascot, IGNATIUS®


We are not selling garments, we are selling a lifestyle where inspiring stories and messages are told through this medium for the expression of thoughts.


Our Mascot

The word Hypo was substituted with Hippo to convey messages our brand wants you to know. This beast is called IGNATIUS® which means the “fiery” one. We want you to also be as passionate as this beast in defending your territory, like defending your dreams.

So why Hippo?

Hippo is sacred in both Egyptian and African traditions, being the symbol of power, strength, and expression. Although Hippo was often being overlooked by many, she is an illustration of how to love and accept our big yet amazing selves. She's here to remind us of our birthright for greatness. This beast is defensive about her dreams and emotions, just like us, conveying messages to the community on believing in our own dreams, goals and ambitions, not being a tartuffe, faking a life for others.

We are who we are, the Hippocrate® Clothing Team.

Encapsulating the urbane lifestyle by providing urbanwears that lasts long as an impression to people as each piece of clothing from us, has a story to tell.

Remember, fake all you can as your five senses would always be the same.



Our Mask

The mask acts as an element to our brand. Try looking at it the other way round. Be warned, you will be amazed. It's how mankind behave nowadays. The mask was chosen to be a part of us as it originates back to the 1st Century of B.C.E. The word hypocrite comes from the Greek word "hypokrites" which means an actor. A theatrical mask was used as the Greek word has an extended meaning to refer to any person who was wearing a figurative mask and pretending to be someone or something they were not.

Our Fabrics

The quality of the clothing material for our brand is none other than our premier closely rib-knitted interlock cotton fabric where in clearer words, cotton at it's best! This method of knitting such a majestic piece of fabric is meant to last and not meant to shrink. The spaces between the knit is just tight enough for your skin to breathe while this one of the tightest weave mankind can knit is moving on your skin, giving you the comfort is what you can ever dream.

Here comes the unique part of our clothing, we have a cluster of chemists working diligently in laboratories constantly formulating the ENZYME® where this layer of ENZYME® we dyed on our clothing produces a smooth and sumptuous yet synthetic feeling. It feels like silk, if you would ask. The elastic Spandex is also part of our clothing in order to suit daily fashion needs in Southeast Asia where the climate is typically tropical with high level of humidity. Spandex is widely used in Asian garments as our weather recommended so! Most importantly, it's anti-shrinkage. All of our fabrics are cut-and-sew by humans, for humans.

Rest assured, all products are being put through a series of multiple point tests in regards with industrial standards before we shipped it out to your doorstep for the safety and comfort of our customers.


“ We care for you and are always willing to listen to you.

We don't just create stories, we create garments.

Garments that last a lifetime, mentally and physically.”